Many people complain that their battery charge doesn’t last longer.There are few best practices to follow to make your cell phone battery last longer, and the tips do vary between different battery types. If you are looking for a mobile repairing company in Montreal, then you can choose Rapifix – réparation iphone montréal to fix your phone for a lower price.

When you have a smartphone, you need not even carry a wallet with you. As stated in http://toptechnews.com/ mobile wallets are becoming popular, and they make your life easier and safer.

There are few ways of preserving battery life which is software based, and you should know which apps should be turned off to save your battery life. You should not leave it to the apps to run in the background no matter whether you are using your wi-fi or cellular. The way you handle your phone and the mode of charging also prolongs the battery life both in short and long run.

The rules differ between different batteries. On the whole, there are three different types of batteries. They are Lithium-Ion, Nickel-Cadmium, and Lithium-Polymer.Most of the smartphones come with a Li-ion battery, but if you have doubt you can check the type of battery by removing the back side of the cover. If your body is unibody, then you should check with the documentation appended with it. The documentation will also give you tips on how to keep the battery healthy.

Charging Smartphone
When you buy a new device, you should first charge it before using. This is just an instruction from the manufacturer. It is not good to leave the phone to drain completely without charging.
Once in a while, you should leave the battery to drain completely, so you will have a rough idea on how long your battery survives. If you don’t want the battery to be drained completely, then you can wait for low battery warning before you recharge it again.

You need not do this right after your purchase as you need your hope to be up and running first. You should leave the phone for a couple of days and once the app is installed and all your wireless setups are done you can start doing trials.

When you start making use of the device on a regular basis, then you should make a note of the last time you charged it, and you can start using the mobile normally. When the mobile runs on low battery, then you will get an idea on the battery duration, and you can start modifying your usage accordingly.

Li-ion Batteries
Most of the smartphones use Li-ion batteries which have the capability to handle the higher temperature. The main disadvantage with these batteries is that they will get heated up quickly reducing the capacity of charging.

Though there are few methods to increase the battery life of Li-ion batteries, it is important to remember that quick charging and discharge forcefully is not recommended as they will reduce the battery life and nothing else.

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