hair-lossRogaine is the common name for minoxidil. People who are facing hair thinning or male baldness can use Rogaine as one of the methods using which one can prevent hair loss. There are not of products that use minoxidil as the main ingredient and Rogaine for women reviews show that they are very effective. Initially, minoxidil was developed for treating high blood pressure.

Most of the people who used minoxidil had reported one common side effect which was the growth of hair on various parts of the body. After observing this, clinical studies began to check the benefits of using minoxidil for hair growth. They noted that use of minoxidil on a regular basis slowed down the hair loss and helped in the growth of new hair follicles too. Read this report from Harvard, that identifies the symptoms of hair loss and their prevention.

Rogaine, which is one of the Products to control hair loss, is now available as over the counter medicine. There is no definitive method on how this works but it is believed that Rogaine improves hair growth by reducing the resting phase in the growth cycle of hair. During the year 1992, FDA had approved the sale of 2 percent minoxidil as a hair loss solution for women. Later, it was approved as an over the counter medicine in 2 percent and 5 percent variations. One of the manufacturers of the minoxidil variants is Johnson & Johnson.

There are many factors for hair loss or hair thinning in women. Some of which include thyroid hormone imbalance, natural changes due to aging, hormonal disturbances and others. The first step to preventing hair loss is to identify the reason for hair loss. Once the cause is established, it is easy to find out how hair loss can be controlled and consider which options will work better. The first step is to make an appointment with the doctor and find what is the cause of hair loss before using Rogaine on your own.

There are lots of reports that suggest that when applied to the face, it enhances the growth of facial hair as well. Rogaine, however, is not recommended for using it for facial hair. also, one has to check if they are allergic to minoxidil before using them. If you feel any sensation of irritation or itching, you must avoid using Rogaine. Similarly, patients with kidney problems should not use Rogaine as well. Pregnant ladies’ must avoid using Rogaine as it is not safe for a developing baby. Therefore, always check with the doctor before deciding to use Rogaine.

It would be a good option to show the existing medicines you are taking to your doctor so that he can check if any of them can cause allergic reactions. This also includes any vitamin supplements or any other herbs that you might be consuming. A wise idea would be to test a portion of your skin with Rogaine and see if it causes any reactions. While using Rogaine, limit your alcohol intake although there have been no reports that Rogaine reacts with alcohol. It might take some time for results to appear and remaining patient and applying it regularly will yield results.